Tip: Embed an Instagram Picture Into Your WordPress Post

If you use Instagram and want to drive more traffic from your WordPress site to your Instagram account, you can use the simple Embed function that Instagram provides. Not only will this place the photo on your page, but it puts it in an Instagram frame with a Love button, links to your profile and other Instagram features.

The first step is to go to your Instagram account in your desktop web browser. Log in. Then go to the photo you want to use. Once there, look for the three-dots button. Click it and select Embed as the option. Then click Copy Embed Code.

Now back in WordPress, add a Custom HTML block. Paste that code into it. This isn’t a quick little line of code like a Twitter embed, but a very long involved script. Never mind that as you don’t need to edit anything.

This is also handy if you don’t want to divide your audiences attention between the photo on your WordPress site and the photo on Instagram. You get more people paying attention to the Instagram one as they are likely to Love or comment on it there. You can turn off comments for this WordPress post to insure that.

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