Hack: Alter Post Title Tag Depending On the Category

So yesterday I showed you how to change the post title, as in the H1 tag of the post page, based on the category of the post. That doesn’t change the title tag, however. Users don’t see or pay attention to the title tag as much, especially with browser tabs only offering limited space for them. But search engines see these and use them in search results.

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Hack: Allow Future Posts To Be Viewed

Suppose you want to publish a post in the near future, but allow people to view it now. Why would you want to do that? Well, suppose you have a regular publishing schedule like I do. But then someone asks a question and you create a post that answers that question. You already have the next few days’ worth of posts scheduled, so this new one is set for next week. But you want to be able to let that person see the post now. So you want the post to appear on your front page, feeds, and category lists as scheduled. But if someone knows the URL, then they can view the post instead of seeing a Not Found error.

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Tip: Making Audio Posts

You don’t always have to use text or video for your posts. You can use just some audio when it is appropriate. For music creators, it can be ideal. But even for wordsmiths, it can sometimes be useful to turn a voice recording into a post. It can help you get complex ideas on to your site quicker, and provide a nice personal touch. If you are a Mac user, you can use the Voice Memos app to record and drag directly into WordPress. If you experience the “security reasons” bug when trying to upload your audio, see https://wptipsandhacks.com/hacks/fixing-the-security-reasons-media-upload-bug.html for a solution.

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Hack: Fixing the “Security Reasons” Media Upload Bug

There are lots of people complaining about trying to upload media to WordPress and getting a “Not Permitted For Security Reasons” error message. Sounds pretty serious, but what it actually means is that the file type is not on a list of allowed file types for upload. So if you are trying to upload an audio .m4a file, like I was this week, it doesn’t mean m4a files are security risks, just that the file type isn’t on the list of allowed types.

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