Hack: Remove the WordPress Version Number From Your Site

When you view the source of your WordPress pages, you may notice that the version of WordPress you are using appears in the header. Some believe this can be a security risk, as exploits that work on specific versions of WordPress could determine you site’s version and use that to figure out how to attack it. I haven’t seen any real threat, though. But you may want to remove it anyway.

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Hack: Create a Simple 404 Log

When someone links to your site with the wrong URL, or, worse, you link to your own site with the wrong URL, it would be nice to know. You could check your server’s logs for 404 errors to see what bad URLs people are using. But I find it easier to create a simple 404 log file that I can access without much hassle. Then I check it every once in a while to see if I need to add a redirect to the correct page so I don’t miss some traffic.

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New Course: WordPress SEO Hacks

WordPress SEO Hacks Course

You don’t need some giant third-party plugin to implement SEO techniqueson your WordPress site. You can write your owncustomizable functions to include with your child theme or custom plugin.

But taking advantage of some basic WordPress actionsand filters, you can modify things like your titleand H1 tagsmeta datatags and other header code. You can set some or all of your links to nofollowand add related linksto your posts automatically. You can also include sitemaps.

If you are a developer, then creating your own simple SEO plugin can be an improvement over including a massive third-party plugin that will overwhelm and confuse your clients. If you maintain your own site, a custom plugin can be more streamlined and give you greater control over how you implement SEO.

This course includes all of the code discussed in the lessons. You can take the code and use it on your site, customize it, and distribute it to clients if you wish.