Hack: A Beginner’s Guide to Editing Your Theme Functions File

The hacks at this site are usually accomplished by adding your own custom plugin or editing the functions.php file. But what if you have never done that before and have little or no coding experience? The easiest way to add many hacks is to use the WordPress Dashboard and edit the Theme Functions (functions.php file), simply adding your code to the end. Here is a video tutorial for beginners.

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Hack: Altering Post Titles Depending On Categories

So here is something I wanted to do for this site. I want to put “Tip:” before post titles that are in the tips category, and “Hack:” before titles that in the hacks category. I don’t want to just prepend the category name, as that was include the “s” and I don’t want it done for anything other than these two categories.

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Hack: The WordPress Command Line Interface

If you have command line access to your server, you can installed the WordPress Command Line Interface (wp-cli) and control your site by typing. You can do almost anything you wish through the command line, including modifying settings, writing posts, installing plugins, and moderating comments. In addition, you can do things that are difficult to do otherwise. For instance, you can backup your database, generate example posts, and create starting points for plugins, blocks and themes.

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Tip: Using Reusable Blocks As Little Templates

The whole idea of Reusable Blocks is that you can use them throughout your site, and then change them in one location and the change will happen everywhere. But you can also convert any Reusable Block to a regular block. This allows you to have a Reusable Block you can access as a kind of block template, insert it into a post, convert it to a regular block, and change the content.

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