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WordPress Hacks: Modify your WordPress site with Shortcodes, Filters, Actions and Widgets is a course for anyone that wants to customize their WordPress site without resorting to third-party plugins. In the course, you will first learn how to modify the functions.php file and your theme to change and add features to your site. Then you will learn how to build your own simple plugin to use as your main tool for making modifications.

The course teaches four ways to customize WordPress to suit your needs: Shortcodes, Filters, Actions and Widgets. By making your own Shortcodes you can insert text into your posts that can later be controlled and adjusted. Filters allow you to change the content across your site. Actions give you the power to alter how WordPress works to fit your needs. Widgets let you put custom dynamic content in the sidebars and footers of your site.

The course uses very simple PHP code and assumes that you have WordPress installed and know how to access and modify files on your server. You should have a basic understanding of programming, but only beginner’s knowledge is needed to get started. Each skill is taught using real examples that can be useful on their own. Then you can build on these examples to create hacks that fit your needs.

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Table of Contents

Section 1: How To Customize WordPress Without a Third-Party Plugin
1. Introduction
2. Editing Your Functions.php File
3. Editing Your Theme
4. Creating Your Own Plugin

Section 2: Using Shortcodes To Insert Content
5. Building a Shortcode
6. Transforming Text with a Shortcode
7. Shortcode Attributes
8. Advanced Shortcodes

Section 3: Using Filters to Modify Content
9. Replace Text in Posts
10. Filter Comments For Better Moderation
11. Link Author Byline To Twitter
12. Insert Special Content According to Post Metadata
13. Modify Comment Form Fields
14. Replace Editor Content With Template Text

Section 4: Using Actions To Modify Your Site
15. Show a Maintenance Message
16. Send an Additional Email When Publishing
17. Hide Menu Items For Contributors

Section 5: Modifying and Building Widgets
18. Modify Existing Widgets
19. Create Your Own Widget
20. Accessing Categories and Tags
21. References and Resources

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