Tip: Number Of Posts In Lists

You may already know where to go in settings to set the number of posts shown on your home page and other category and tag lists on your site. You may want to keep that number small so the readers don’t have large pages to load. But on your end of things in the dashboard, you may want to set this number pretty high so you can see lost of posts per page. You can access this setting at the top of the screen when viewing posts.

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Tip: Using Password-Protected Posts

WordPress has the ability to password-protect posts so only those with the password can see the content. You can assign a password to any post you wish to protect. These can be used as a way to keep the public from seeing the content of a post meant for admins, or it could be used as a simple gateway for bits of premium content for a newsletter or social media audience.

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Tip: Using WordPress Writing Revisions To Get Back Text You Deleted Or Changed

Every time you save a draft while writing a WordPress post, it saves a revision for that post. You can go back and view past revisions, though it is hard sometimes to tell what you are viewing since it shows you raw code. But you can easily revert to a previous version, or copy and paste some text you may have deleted from an old version.

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