Hack: Show a Short List Of Posts By Tag

I love tags. You can use them for all sorts of things and not limit yourself to using tags only one way. For instance, I can tag something with a topic, and I can also tag it as being for beginners. Sometimes you may want to have a post and list some other posts that have specific tags. For instance, if you have a post on security, you may want to also mention how backing up your data is important, and then show a list of posts that have backup as a tag.

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Hack: Automatically Using YouTube Images as Thumbnails

If you have lots of posts that feature YouTube videos you may want to add a featured image for that post that is a frame of that video. But YouTube already creates and hosts thumbnails for these videos. So a quick and easy hack is to use these YouTube thumbnails as your post thumbnail so you have images for the posts that appear on the home page and category pages of your site.

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