Hack: Password Protected Post With Custom Text

After yesterday’s post, I got to thinking that it would be useful to be able to customize the password protection text on a per-post basis. So not every password-protected post has the same exact same “This content is password protected…” replacement. Sp here is an alternative to that code that also looks for the custom field password_text. If found, then it will replace the standard text with whatever you put in that custom field.

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Hack: Change The Password Protected Text

When you password-protect a post, you get a standard message of “This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:” that is difficult to change. But what if you want to do some simple members-only posts every once in a while and send out the password for special posts every week in your newsletter. It could be a nice way to encourage people to sign up for your emails without needing to install a whole membership plugin. You could even use fun words that relate to your topic as passwords.

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Hack: My Block Form Creator Idea

I am working on a plugin that lets you create forms using only a single new block. You add a block for each form element, and set it to be an input field, text area, drop-down, submit button, etc. It is pretty easy to use and very customizable. But it may be a bit hard to style depending on what your theme already does with form elements. I would love to get feedback on this idea before I move forward.

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Hack: Moving Comments Manually Without a Plugin

If you rarely need to move comments from one post to another, then it is probably not worth maintaining yet another a plugin just for that purpose. You can use a tool like PHPMyAdmin on your server to edit the comments database directly and simply change the post ID for that comment. It gets a bit trickier if the comment has replies, but it is just a matter of changing all of the reply comments to the same post ID.

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Hack: Add a Link To Your Posts Page In the Admin Menu Bar

There is one main page I go to in the WordPress controls more than any other. It is the Posts page that lists all of the posts. This is where, as a content creator, I live. I go here to see what is scheduled, to go into any drafts I need to complete, and to start a new post. Yet there is no link to this page in the WordPress menu bar. Beats me why.

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